We believe that every Christ follower should be a contributing member of a local church family.

Believing in Jesus unites us not only to Him, but to other Christ followers. And he has uniquely gifted every one of his followers for the edification and building of His church.

Membership is about officially identifying as a part of the Sevenoaks family. It's about Belonging, Committing, Accountability, and Responsibility.

In a culture where commitment is no longer highly valued, recognizable membership is an essential step that moves each of us into the place of committed participation. It presents the challenge to not be a spectator but to publicly affirm that the church can count on us to help fulfill the ministry of Knowing Jesus and making Him known that God has called us to partner in.

The process we follow for membership is:

1) Profess faith in Jesus by being baptized in water

2) Attend a membership class

3) Fill out a membership application and drop it off at the office where it will be reviewed by a member of the pastoral team

4) Meet with an elder to talk through your application 

5) Upon approval, be recognized at a Sunday service


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