We need each other.

The church has always been more than just a gathering of people on Sunday mornings, and we are discovering that now more than ever. We need community to shape us and to help us to live out our identities as disciples of Jesus in our everyday lives.

We call our small groups Gospel Communities (GC's). A GC is a collection of regular people growing as disciples while making disciples.

These diverse communities of around 8-15 people gather regularly as family to live out our vision of Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known in their everyday lives. They discuss the Word of God and how to live in light of it, encourage each other through prayer, and they reach out to their neighbours and city.

We would love to see every member of our Sevenoaks family be connected in some form of community like this.

If you would like to join a Gospel Community or would like more information about forming one, please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch. 


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