We exist to know Jesus and to make Him known. This is the heartbeat of all we do.

We want to be a people who are consumed with knowing Jesus, and not just knowing about Jesus. We want to know him intimately, experientially, and cognitively in a way that transforms us and those around us. We do not simply desire to gather on Sundays for religious ceremony or duty, nor do we want to be a Christian country club.

Imagine what would happen if every member of the family was growing in their intimate knowledge of Jesus! 

This Jesus-centered vision has become the grid through which we discern new ministry initiatives, and align existing ones. We believe that we come to know Jesus more fully and deeply through prayer, worship, and interacting with the living Word of God in community with other believers.

Knowing Jesus is great for us, but it cannot just end there for us. There are people all around us who do not yet know the lavish love of God for them expressed in the person and work of Jesus.

We want them to know the life in Christ that we have come to know. So we are committed to making Jesus known through gospel proclamation and demonstration in our local community and beyond. We send each other out as individuals and in community throughout the week into our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces. And we partner with local and global ministries who are on mission; serving, loving, and witnessing.

We breathe in Jesus, and we breathe out mission. In, out. Know Jesus and make Him known.