Welcome to the AGM Informtaion page!

At our 2024 AGM we voted in 3 new Elders bringing our Board to 10 members: James Gordon (Chair), Joyce Verwoerd (Vice-chair), Ruby Stobbe (Treasurer), Mive Evanson (Secretary), Ken Silan, Cal Brandt, Linda Driediger, Joey Demers, Gaileen Warden and Pastor Jamie.   

Pastor Jamie set aside some time to call us deeper into the vision of soul care, becoming a church family that lives in the daily renewal of the Holy Spirit. This pursuit of daily renewal in God is what puts us in a posture to be changed more and more into the image of God in how we view our world and how we live out our lives in this world. We have implemented some specific opportunities to encourage this renewal by hosting the Soul Care conference the last two years, putting on the Hearing God Seminars and hosting a Holy Spirit Weekend. We look forward to finding other practical events or practices that we can introduce as part of our yearly church rhythm!

Church Family we want to thank you for your financical and spiritual support over the past year of 2023 and we are looking forward to how God is going to meet us and lead us in this coming year!

Sincerly, Your Pastoral Team