Sevenoaks Youth is a community of students and leaders who long to know Jesus in a way that changes our lives, and who want to make Him known everywhere we go.

 We believe that Jesus is better!

 He is better than anything this world offers.  People often look for life's meaning and significance in having friends, being popular, accumulating wealth, and living comfortable lives; but we don't want to settle for these things.  They promise what they will never deliver because our hearts were made for so much more!  Only in relationship with Jesus will we be truly satisfied because He is better. We would love for you to join us whether you already know Jesus or you are searching for truth.

Sevenaoks Youth, for Grades 6-12, gatherings weekly on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. Typically we meet at the church building but occasionally we're out in the community for one of our events. See the Events of our website to find out where we're meeting this week.

For more information, please contact Pastor Zach.


Youth Fundraiser

 Would you like to support our Youth Ministry and the various events and activities we participate in with the Youth of our church and community? Do you regularly recycle bottles and/or cans? Now you can do both at the same time! We have set up accounts at two local recycle depots. Here are the two options and locations:

Abbotsford Bottle Depot Ltd. (33236 Walsh Avenue) - located centrally in Abbotsford, at this location you'll need to bring in your items, sort them, and once sorted you bring them to the front and ask them to put on the "Sevenoaks Church" account.

R & T Recyclables (#23 31550 South Fraser Way) - located west of central Abbotsford, at this location you need to bring all items in a transparent (clear) or transparent blue recycling bag. You go the Express machine (forward and to the right of the entrance). Here you'll put in our church phone number (604-853-0757) and then enter the number of bags you have. The computer will print off one sticker for each bag. You then put one sticker on each bag and place the bag in the recepticle for Express bags. No sorting is required of you at this location. However, you can bring no more than 6 bags at a time. 


For more info, please contact Pastor Zach.