We are a movement of young adults committed to knowing Jesus and making him known. We seek to be an authentic community of Christ-followers (and not yet Christ-followers) whose life together speaks of the love and truth of Jesus.  

You were created for community.  Find it here.   

We gather to foster relationships, to be encouraged and challenged by the teaching of scripture, to have fun, and to pray.  Then we scatter out into our everyday spheres of influence to be Jesus’ ambassadors.  You should join us.

Starting in September 2020, we have two new Young Adult Gospel Communities. One meets weekly on Thursdays (6:30-8pm) and will be journeying through the book of James together. The other meets every other week on Sundays at our Sunday evening 6pm service. After being a part of the service together this community will engage in some fun social activities at the church building or in the community.

For more info on joining one of these communities, please email Pastor Zach.