Sevenoaks Kids is committed to providing a safe environment where children can experience Christ's love and learn God's Word.  And we are always looking for more people to join the team in nurturing their little hearts.

We follow the Safety & Risk Management Guidelines of the Christian & Missionary Alliance to help ensure a safe & protective environment as possible for our children.  This means that serving our kids requires a criminal record check, a minimum six-month attendance at Sevenoaks, and an application process.

If you are interested in serving in children ministries, please speak with Pastor Renee

Areas to Serve

  • serve once a month as a classroom leader for K/Gr1, Gr2/3, Gr 4/5 Boys, Gr4/5 Girls
  • serve once a month as a classroom assistant for k/Gr1, Gr2/3, Gr4/5 Boys, Gr 4/5 Girls
  • Be a teacher or helper for Preschool Class (3&4 yrs.) on Sundays once a month
  • Serving in the Nursery (6months-2yrs) on Sundays once a month
  • Grade school (K-Gr 5) storytellers/teacher for Open Session Teaching Time
  • "On Call” One on One assistants for children who need supportive care in the classroom on Sundays
  • Signing kids in at Sevenoaks Kids Welcome Desk on Sundays once a month
  • memory verse listeners once a month
  • Helping  at our monthly Friday Night Kids Club for grade 4 & 5 Students