Worship is more than singing

We believe that worship is meant to be expressed in community--where Christ followers respond to who God is and what He is doing.  Worship is expressed in far more than songs, but with our thoughts, words, actions...with our lives.

To get involved contact Pastor Matthew

Praise Night Coming a Saturday June 17 - 2023 - 7pm

Join us for an evening of praise through song, scripture, prayer and the arts. Not only will the music team lead scripture readings they will also initiate moments of prayerful reflection. We encourage you to bring your Bible and journal to write down anything you maybe sensing God speaking to you throughout the night.

The heart of the evening is to set aside a longer uninterrupted time to sing together, read scripture together, to pray and hear God together and to explore the use of the arts in worship.

The evening will be live streamed on the church web page to where you usually watch the Sunday morning service.  

Look forward to being together and seeing what God does!

In Christ, Matthew