Seamless Link is the nickname used in the C&MA in Canada for the past number of years to describe the important connection between local churches and the global ministry of our International Workers. One of the tools we use to strengthen this bond is the “Seamless Link Covenant.” It has become an increasingly helpful way for Sevenoaks to personalize missions involvement, helping answer questions of why, who, and where the global work is being done, and how we are involved together.

Presently we have three Seamless Link Partnerships:

Gaileen W. is with the Canadian Missionary Alliance in the Caribbean sun. Gaileen is responsible to develop the national Alliance women's ministries on the island. She works mostly with the wives of pastors, church-planters, and national workers. She is currently training a leadership team of nine women to lead the national ministry on their own. An annual retreat is planned for these women to encourage and strengthen them, as they serve with their husbands.

David and Patti Ens (Cambodia) David and Patti are directors of two dorms where university students from country churches are housed. Applicants are screened and sign an agreement consenting to be trained for an hour a day in leadership, theology, discipleship, and evangelism. The students invite classmates to outreach events each month where they hear stories of faith.

Khang and Amy Nguyen (Cambodia) Khang and Amy serve in Cambodia and are presently on an extended home assignment.