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For the month of December we are focussing on the Christmas story!

Christmas can be filled with all sorts of emotions. Some people easily experience the joy of the season. Some rest in the hope that God is making all things new. But others struggle to find peace due to life’s circumstances. With all that’s going on this time of year, we thought it’d be great to go back to the basics and simply celebrate Christmas.

The truth is Jesus is best gift God ever gave. Jesus was proof that God loves us and we can trust God no matter what. Because of Jesus, it’s possible for us to have a relationship with God that will last forever. As we remember the Christmas story, we take time to celebrate the greatest gift the world has ever known and rediscover, joy and hope and peace as we rest in the unconditional love of God.

W E E K 1

We kick off Christmas with one of the most hopeful passages in the Old Testament. In Isaiah 9:6, we read, A child will be born to us. A son will be given to us. He will rule over us. And he will be called Wonderful Adviser and Mighty God. He will also be called Father Who Lives Forever and Prince Who Brings Peace, (NIrV). As God’s people were about to head into exile, God delivered hope through a promise. Someday, this will all be over—a King would come who would make all things new. Christmas celebrates the hope that God sent Jesus to fulfil that promise and rescue creation once and for all.

Bottom Line: We can have hope because God keeps His promises. Throughout the Bible, we see time and again how God followed through on what He promised His people. Knowing that God has kept His promises in the past, gives us hope that God will continue keeping His promises in the future. In a world of uncertainty, we pray that kids discover the hope that through Jesus, God is making all things new.

We pray that kids will start to see that gratitude is a choice that God can help them make, especially when they remember all that Jesus did for us on the cross.

Family Activities: Choose an activity below to do together as a family or choose one to do each day of the week!

Day 1: Promises, Promises 

Have you ever made a promise to a friend? Did you keep that promise? Make a list of all the promises you’ve made that you can remember. God’s list would be really really long because there are thousands of promises in the Bible. Can you imagine making that many promises and keeping them? When God makes a promise to us, we can have hope. Know we can have hope because God keeps all His promises.

Day 2: Rainbow Promise  

One promise we learn is that God gave Noah a huge promise at the end of that story in the form of a rainbow. God promised He would never flood the earth again. Gather some rainbow-colored cereal, like Fruit Loops®, a paper plate, and some glue.  Separate the cereal pieces into the different colors of the rainbow and glue them onto the paper plate in order. Place this somewhere to remind you that God keeps His promises.  Remember that God always keeps His promises.

Day 3: My Christmas List
Find a box, some crayons and some scrap pieces of paper. On the pieces of paper, write all the things that you are hoping for this Christmas. Once you have finished, place them inside the box and decorate it like a gift. Share the things you are hoping for with your family at dinner tonight. Did you know that the best gift we could have ever been given did not come in a box? He was a baby and He was sent to be our hope and our Savior.

Dear God, Thank you for your promises. Thank you for the promise of hope and a Savior. Thank you for giving us Jesus. Help us to remember that He is the best gift of all. Amen.

Day 4: A Savior

Look up Isaiah 9:6 and highlight it. Read it out loud. God promised to send a Savior that would bring hope to the world many years before it happened. And that is not the only promise we have been given. All throughout the Bible, God’s Story, we find promises from Him. He’ll always be with you. God promised there will be a day when there will be no more sadness or hurting. Write Isaiah 9:6 on your hand or bathroom mirror as a reminder of God’s promises. Ask God to help you remember His promises.

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