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For the month of February, we will be learning how to be a “Super Fan” and cheer each other on with a little bit of kindness! Below, you will find 2 video options, discussion questions and activities for you to do throughout the week. God bless you!

Family Discussion Questions for Week #4

Act It Out: Quickly assign parts from today’s story to family members: a narrator, robbers, the hurt man, a priest, the Levite, a Samaritan, the donkey, and the innkeeper. (some people will have to do more than one part)       

Get your family to act-out the story as the narrator reads it from Luke 10:30-37.

Then, have the kids circle up and think about how they could retell this story in 2021.

Ask them to think about these questions: -Who would the characters be if this story took place today?    -What might happen if this same kind of event took place at their school or in their neighborhood today?   

Let the kids assign parts once they come up with a plan then act it out. If you have kids who are shy about acting-out something they’ve created themselves, let them simply retell their created story.  

What You Say: Jesus often told stories that His listeners could relate to in order to help His audience understand His teaching. In this story He told, His audience would have instantly understood what it meant for a Samaritan man to stop and help a hurt Jewish man. Because at that time, Jews and Samaritans did NOT get along. Jesus wanted His listeners to be kind to people who are different from you.

Even today, there are people who we don’t show kindness to when we should. Jesus tells us to love our neighbor. That’s not just our next-door neighbors or the kids who sit next to us in class. Your neighbor includes anyone and everyone you come in contact with each day. When it comes to kindness, remember to be kind to people who are different from you. 

Parents: Share a time when someone very different from you showed kindness in an unexpected way. (Maybe someone stopped to help you change your tire on the side of the road. Maybe someone in front of you in the drive through line paid for your meal). Talk about how it felt to be on the receiving end of that kindness and how it challenged you to be kind, too.

Prayer: “Dear God, thank You for reminding us that KINDNESS matters. Thank You for always treating us with kindness and love. It shows us that we are valuable and important to You. We want to do the same for the people around us. So please help us to be kind to people who are different from you. Help us look for ways to show kindness to EVERYONE, not just the people closest to us or the people most like us. Thank You for sending Jesus to show us just how valuable we are to You. We love You. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.”  

Family Activities for Week #4:

Choose an activity below to do together as a family or just choose one activity to do each day of the week!

A Different Kind!

Ask an adult to help you look up this week’s Bible story in Luke 10:25-37. Read the story together.

What stuck out to you about this story?

The two men in the story were very different from each other and probably would not have normally been friends. However, the Samaritan man was able to show kindness even though he was different from the hurt man. And that is how it should be for us. God wants us to show kindness to everyone, especially if they are different from us.

This week, find someone who is different than you, and show kindness to them. Show everyone kindness.

Kindness Cards

There are a lot of people around you that need kindness. They may look different than you or act different than you, but they still need to be shown kindness.

Grab several pieces of paper and fold them in half and then in half again. Now decorate your cards with a picture and a fun message like, “Just wanted to say hi” or “Just wanted to brighten your day.” Ask your caregiver if you can drop them off for an elderly neighbor or a local retirement community.

Look for ways to be kind to those around us.

Put Their Shoes On

Have you ever thought about how you can be kind to someone that is different from you? Maybe someone is different because they are new at school and don’t have any friends.

Now, grab a pair of your mom or dad’s shoes and put them on. As you put the shoes on think of someone that is different than you and put yourself in their shoes. That means do for them what you would like someone to do for you! Be a friend to the new kid at school. The world would be a much better place if everyone showed this kind of kindness.

Remember to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Catch Kindness

We’ve talked about kindness all month long. So, let’s put it into practice one last time by playing, Kindness Catch. This would be super fun and easy to play at dinnertime with your family.

Here’s how to play. Toss a roll (or any food that is able to be tossed) to someone at the table. As you toss the roll, say something kind about the person you are tossing it to. Then, that person does the same thing. Keep going until everyone runs out of kind things to say.

Dear God, Help me remember to treat everyone with kindness; those that are hard to love, my family, my friends, and those that are different than me. Amen.