Welcome to our Sunday Kids Church!

We're excited to host our Kids Church during the regular church service on Sundays!

We provide Little Oaks (6 months-4 years) at our 9am service (check-in is from 8:45-9:20am). Older children remain in the service with their families

We provide Little Oaks (6 months- 4 years) and Grade School Programming (K-Gr 6) at our 11am service (check-in is from 10:45-11:20am).

See below for more information! 

Kids Church Info!

Sevenoaks Kids Church Age Groups

The Little Oaks group (6 months- 4 years) will participate in free play, bible lesson, music and craft.

The K-Gr 6 kids will be together for gym activities, and then will move upstairs for open session (bible lesson and singing), and small groups (bible discussion, activities and prayer). We will go back to the gym for more activities and parent pick up.

Children are asked not to attend if they are displaying symptoms of being ill.

Prompt Arrival

Check-In for the 9am service for the Little Oaks group is from 8:45-9:20am

Check-In for the 11am service for Little Oaks & Grade School children is from 10:45am - 11:20am. 

Should you arrive once the Check-In time has closed, your children are welcome to attend the service with you. (Colouring sheets are available at the Information Centre in the Chapel) 

Entrance & Kids Check -in 

Upon arrival you and your children will enter through the Hillcrest Entrance where you will stop at the Kids Check-In station. At the Kids Check in station,  you will register your child(ren) and receive 2 tags, an ID tag for each child and a matching ID tag for the parent. Please place the name tag on your child and keep your parent tag as you will need it for when you check your child(ren) out at the end of the service. 

Once you have checked your child(ren) in, 6 months- 4 year olds will head to the Little Oaks Room and Grade school will go into the gym.

Once you have dropped your children off, you will go back outside and head over to the entrance of "The Chapel" for the worship service.  

Check-Out & Pick Up

Once the service is over, make your way back to the "Hillcrest Entrance" to retrieve your child(ren) from either the Little Oaks room (for 6 months- 4 year old children) or the gym (for grade school children).  Please have your matching ID tag ready to present to the volunteers.  


Currently church worship services are exempt from the wearing of masks, however we do recommend (if you are able) to wear a mask.