Welcome to Sevenoaks Kids Sunday Kids Church!

For the summer, we offer Preschool (6months-4 yrs) and Grade School (K-Gr5) programming at 10am on select Sundays. Please see below for when Kids church is offered over the summer.


K-Gr 5

There will be three Sundays this summer where K-Gr 5 children will remain in the church service for the entire service with their families: Sunday July 2nd, Sunday August 6th and Sunday September 3rd

All other Sundays will have Kids Programming available! Please see Kids Check-In info below.


Little Oaks Preschool (6months-4 years)

There will be one Sunday this summer where Little Oaks children will remain in the church service with their families for the entire service: Sunday July 2nd

All other Sundays will have Little Oaks available! Please see Check-In info below.

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Sevenoaks Kids Check-In INFO

Little Oaks (6 months-4 years) will check in at the Kids Check-In Station (Hillcrest Entrance) from 9:45-10:10am and then head directly to their classroom where our Little Oaks team will be ready to receive you!

Grade school kids (K-Gr5) will check in at the Kids Check-In station (Hillcrest Entrance) and then will walk over to the Chapel with their families to participate in the first half of the church service. Children will be dismissed part way through the service for childrens programming.

At the Kids Check in station,  you will register your child(ren) and receive 2 tags (an ID tag for each child and a matching ID tag for the parent). Please place the name tag on your child and keep your parent tag as you will need it for when you check your child(ren) out at the end of the service. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the K-Gr5 kids sit through the entire church service?  No, the kids will only stay for the first half and then we will dismiss kids (before the sermon) to go to their kids activities with the kids ministry team.  

Where do I send my kids when they get dismissed during the service? The Kids Ministry team will be waiting in the Chapel lobby for the kids to take them over to the kids area.  

Where do I pick my children up after the church service: Once the service is over, please make your way promptly back to the "Hillcrest Entrance" to retrieve your child(ren) from either the Little Oaks room (for 6 months- 4 year old children) or the gym (for grade school children).  Please have your matching ID tag ready to present to the volunteers.   

Have more questions? Contact Pastor Renee (rcarter@sevenoaks.org)