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June is all about having confidence in God! Confidence that God loves us, has a plan and can do the impossible through us! As you scroll down, you will find 2 video options, family discussion questions and activities for you to do throughout the week.

Family Discussion Questions for Week #4

 What seems impossible for you? (discuss as a family)

True/False review questions:

1) Israel was ruled by King Ahab in the time of our story. (true)

2) King Ahab wanted everyone to worship God, but the people of Israel only wanted to worship a false god. (false—Ahab wanted everyone to worship Baal and even built a temple for this false god.)

3) Elijah was a prophet God sent to Ahab to deliver a message that it was not going to rain. (true)

4) Although crops failed, rivers dried up, and the drought took place, God provided for Elijah. (true)

5) In the third year of the drought, God sent Elijah to talk to King Ahab, but Elijah decided not to go. (false—Elijah did go.)

6) Elijah asked King Ahab to bring all of the prophets of Baal to Mount Carmel. He asked Baal’s prophets to prepare an altar for Baal and put a lamb on top of it. (false—They put a bull on the altar.)

7) When Elijah saw that Baal did not respond, he instructed everyone to see his altar he assembled for God. Elijah only put a bull on the altar and nothing else. (false—He also told the Israelites to dump water on top of the altar and all around it, which made everything really wet.)

8) Elijah called on God and asked that God would let all of them know that He is the one true God! Flames of fire fell down from the sky and burned up the wet wood and sacrifice. (true)

9) Many people fell on their faces, worshipping God. But the prophets of Baal tried to escape and were captured. (true)

10) Though there was no sign of rain, God sent rain for the first time in three years! (true)  

What You Say: “Can you imagine living in a place where it didn’t rain for three years? Your favorite lake would be all dried up! Swimming pools would probably shut down. Water would be hard to come by. Can you imagine waiting that long for God to answer a prayer? Instead of believing that God can do the impossible, Ahab and the people of Israel took matters into their own hands and turned to the false god of Baal. “It’s easy for us to look down on King Ahab and his people, wondering how they could give up on God and worship a false god. But we have probably found ourselves unsure if God will come through, too.

Parents: [Make it Personal] (Tell about a time you didn’t know if God would answer a prayer, but you continued to believe in Him and learned to trust Him, His plan, and His answers.)

Say: “This week, I want you to remember that God can do the impossible in your world, too. Doing the impossible isn’t just something God did in the stories we hear at church. He is the same God for you, too! Nothing is impossible for Him! When you find yourself doubting or wondering if He will show up in your impossible situation, remember you can be confident that the God wants to be involved in your life and he has a plan, even when you don’t see or understand His plan.”  

Pray:  (or use your own words) “Dear God, thank you SO much that You can do the impossible. You created the world and everything in it. You sent fire to burn up a sacrifice. You controlled the rain. And You gave Your One and only Son to be our Savior! You can do the IMPOSSIBLE! Thank You that You love us and that You are ALWAYS with us! We love You SO much, God. Thank You! Amen.”  

Family Activities for Week #4:

Choose an activity (or activities) below to do together as a family or choose to do them throughout the week!

Impossible? I think not.

This month we learned that with God, nothing is impossible!

Let’s review what we learned. Fill in the blanks below from the word bank.

Word Bank: Son, Rain, Enemies, Seven

1. God sent His only ____________________________ to earth to save us.

2. God tells Joshua and his men to march around Jericho for ____________________________ days and the walls will fall.

3. Gideon trusted God and they defeated their ____________________________ with breaking their pots, waving torches of fire and blowing their trumpet.

4. God finally sent ____________________________ to Israel to prove that He is indeed God, and not Baal. Know that, with God, anything is possible if you believe! 

Memory Motions

Look up this week’s verse, Philippians 4:13.

Read the verse over a few times.

Create motions to go with your verse to help you remember and share your new moves with a sibling or family member.

Ask God to give you the strength to do the impossible. 

 Impossible Playlist

Use your singing voice and make up a song about something that you have learned this month.

Make up a song about God doing impossible things like God encouraging others to do things that seem hard, or even something that you did that seemed impossible at the time!

Bonus points: Sing it in front of your family! Bravo!

Remember that God uses others to do the impossible and He can use you too 

Not So Impossible

We see so many stories of God doing amazing and “impossible” things like: destroying a city with marching feet and a trumpet, sending rain to a country for the first time in years, and sending His only Son to Earth!

God even gives us the opportunity to do some pretty amazing things! Let’s pray and thank Him for all He has taught us and all the opportunities we will have to do amazing things.

Pray using your own words!