Welcome back families!

We're so excited to see you!

In-person gatherings for children 2years-Grade 6 have resumed on Sundays at the 11am service! 

New to Sevenoaks? We are so glad you are considering attending our church and please know that you are welcome here!

All families who have kids attending the in-person Sevenoaks Kids Church must book your family a spot for the 11am service. You can do that by calling the church office (604-853-0757) Monday -Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm.

Registration will be on a first come first serve basis.

All parents with children attending Sevenoaks Kids will need to complete a registration form for each child. If you would like, you can pre-register your child(ren) by clicking on the link below which will save you time when you arrive at church. If you register your child(ren) by midnight on Saturday night, they should be in our system in time for the Sunday Service.


Please see the Protocols section of this page for further information on what to expect once you arrive at Sevenoaks.  Can't wait to see you!


Sevenoaks Kids In-Person Church Protocols

Sevenoaks Kids Church Age Groups

In-person Kids Church will be provided at the 11am Sunday services.

Kids Church will be provided for preschool children who are 2 – 4 years old in the Little Oaks room on the main floor and Grade School children who are K-Gr6.

Preschool children will participate in free play, bible lesson, music and craft.

The K-Gr6 kids will be together for gym activities, open session, prayer stations and will be split in smaller groups for classroom activities.

Communion Sunday

Our family communion service is on the first Sunday of every month. There will be kids programming for the Little Oaks group during the 11am service. All other children will join their families for a rich time together as a family sharing in communion!

Grade 6 students

Because school and church were cut short for the kids in March, and with so much change happening, we wanted to extend the kids programming for an extra year to grade 6 students. We recognize that some grade 6 students are ready to move on and begin attending the main church service with their families while others may need a bit more of a transition period.

Our only request is that your grade 6 student attend the Family Communion Service with their family which is the first Sunday of the month as well as one other main church service in the month. 

Children are asked not to attend if they are displaying symptoms

These symptoms include, but not limited to: fever, dry cough, tiredness, difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, or loss of speech or movement (in children, their symptoms often present milder and we ask that you exercise caution when making your decision to attend)

Prompt Arrival

Check-In is between 10:45am - 11:15am for the 11am service.

Please arrive promptly as the outside entrance doors will be locked by 11:15am.


All Kids Church participants and their families as well as Kids Church volunteers and their families will park in the parking lot between the church and the elementary school. 

Check -in Station

Upon arrival you and your children will make your way to the Kids Check-In Station through the Back Entrance entering the breezeway. Once you enter the building, one parent will continue with their children to the check in station while the rest of the family will head upstairs through the kids wing following the signs to the Chapel balcony to find their seating.

To access the Kids Check in station, please follow the signs to the gym where you will find the Check in Station.  Once you have checked your child(ren) in, you will receive 2 tags, an ID tag for each child(ren) and a matching ID tag for the parent. Please keep your tag as you will need it for when you check your child(ren) out at the end of the service.

Health Questionnaire

Upon arrival at the Check In station, parents will be asked to complete a health questionnaire  for each child in their family who attends Sevenoaks Kids.

Dropping Kids Off in Classrooms

Once you have checked in your children, K-Gr 6 students will remain in the gym and if you have children 2-4years, you will take them to the Little Oaks room on the main floor and drop them off there! You will then make your way to the Chapel Balcony by going upstairs to the kids wing and down the hallways (follow the signs)

Balcony Seating in The Chapel

All Families of kids who are booked for Kids church on a Sunday will be seated in the Chapel balcony. If you are not booking your kids in the Kids Church program than you will be asked to book your seating on the main floor of the Chapel. Balcony seating is only for families who have booked their children in for the kids programming. You will make your way to the balcony by going up the stairs to the kids wing and following the signs.  You will not be permitted to go down to the ground floor of the Chapel as we must keep balcony groups and ground floor seating separate.    


Please come to pick up your child(ren) promptly after the service upstairs in the kids wing or Little Oaks room on main floor to allow time for cleaning the rooms. Please have your matching ID tag ready to present to the volunteers.  Once you have picked up your child(ren), you will leave through out the Back Entrance (which is the way you came in).


We will not be giving out snacks during the service at this time.

Physical Distancing & Masks

Physical distancing as appropriate for their ages will be encouraged. Hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer will be used to limit the spread of any germs. All Sevenoaks Kids volunteers will be required to wear masks.