The God You've Been Waiting For

Waiting, it's something everyone does! We wait in lines at grocery stores and at street lights, we wait for special days to arrive like birthdays and anniversaries. But in life we also find ourselves waiting for other reasons. Waiting for the right realtionship to come along so we don't feel lonely. Waiting for the right job we've always dreamed of having. Waiting for the results from a medical test. Waiting for an answer to prayer for help. We all wait. In the Christmas Season the church celebrates a season before Christmas called Advent. Advent means "coming" and we are celebrating the coming of the baby Jesus to our world. Even 2000 plus years ago the people of that time and culture were waiting for things, alot of the very same things we are today. But when Jesus arrived it was proclaimed that He was the God the world was waiting for, some embraced Him and others did not because they didn't believe He was the answer to their longings and prayers. This Advent season we would like to invite you to consider that there is a better answer to your waiting then even getting what you think you want or deserve. Maybe waiting is a gift from God. Join us for this series - The God you've been waiting for!