Psalms For Life

Church family, we are excited to provide a Summer reading guide to invite you to join us in going deeper into the Word of God. Summer has the reputation as being that time of year where we kick back in every part of life...we agree that it is good to enjoy the sun and kick back, but we also feel like our intimacy with Jesus is not something we can take a break is as essential as bread and water. So we encourage you to check out the reading guide by clicking on the link below - Summer Psalms Reading Guide. In it you will find a recommended reading plan that you can use by yourself or  you may want to meet with some friends and do the readings and discussion questions together. Be creative with it! Psalm 119:105 "Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light fro my path". God bless you church family as you risk intimacy with God!

Click here to download the Summer Psalms Reading Guide