Advent Series

Darkness. It was there in the beginning of creation and it was God who spoke and gave light to creation. Darkness. It is still here today, and once again it is God who brings light to the darkness. But we are not talking about night and day now, we are talking about the dakness we find in life, in the evil acts that happen around the world or down the street. We are talking about the darkness of going through life not knowing there is a God who gave up everything so we no longer have to live in the darkness, living life without being in relationship with the One who created us. In our world there are many claims to true light, or to enlightenment. Could be your own knowledge, or maybe just living like a good person should, or maybe even following some religious ideals. This Christmas season, would you join us, we don't want to talk about enlightenment, we want to talk about relationship, about the True Light.