On Tuesday November 30 the Province announced a change to the mask rules for worship services and places of worship. Up until now we have had an exemption to the mask requirement even though masks are required in all other public venues. Effective immediately, though, those who are attending worship services are now also required to wear masks, and to remain masked at all times throughout the duration of the service. Masks may not be taken off once worshippers are seated, and must remain worn even during congregational singing.

Those who are leading the worship service (worship leader, preacher, Scripture reader) are permitted to take their masks off while they are at the front of the room speaking or singing, and everyone is permitted to take their masks off temporarily while they are sharing the communion elements.

*Please also note that the public health order on masks in public indoor settings makes it clear that a clear plastic face shield may not be worn in place of a mask.

Masks Now Required During all Events and Gatherings in the Church Building

In compliance with the public health orders that are now in place, masks will have to be worn at all times by anyone who enters the church building. This includes

  • large monthly gatherings like Good Friends,
  • teaching ministries like the Wednesday Morning Women’s Bible Study and Starting Point,
  • all youth and young adult ministry events
  • all children’s ministry events
  • helping ministries like ARM, the Food Bank Satellite, and Helping Hands
  • Gospel Community meetings, prayer meetings, and other small group gatherings
  • all Board meetings, Committee meetings, ministry team meetings, and staff meetings
  • worship team rehearsals
  • funerals

Visitors to the church office will be required to wear masks as well.