Choirs have a long history in the church, and Sevenoaks has quite the history itself of the use of the choir. There are different uses for a choir and one is to include them in the worship with the Music Team. The primary focus of the Worship Choir is not to entertain but to lead the worship, "community leading community".

We will be forming a Worship Choir that will be an intrical part of leading the singing of the music set as well as leading the expression of worship (clapping etc).

The Worship Choir will serve on communion sundays and potentially any special events.


1) Must attend Sevenoaks Alliance Church

2) Be able to sing in key

3) Grade 6 and up are welcome

4) Practices are Thursday night at 7:00pm in the Worship Center the Sunday before Communion (IE. Practice Thursday March 3rd for Sunday March 6th)

Any questions contact me!

In Christ, Pastor Matthew