Hi Team, next February 2019 on a (Friday Night to Saturday Night TBA) there is a conference in Vancouver called Worship Central. It was founded by Tim Hughes (Here I am To Worship, Be My Everything) and is a conference with theological teaching and sessions of worship. There are also sessions on the practical side of being a musician or singer etc. 

Opportuinties like this are awesome as we get to spend some more time together traveling into Vancouver, going to teaching sessions together, worshiping together and eating and just hanging out.

If we register as a group it is $89 each. Depending on numbers I can help cover the transit costs if we train in from Surrey for the two days or potentially help with registration.

I have attached the link to the conference so you can see who the different guest speakers have been at the sessions.

If you are interetsed to go you will pay me the $89 and I will pay for the whole group so as we have to pay and register as a group to get the cheaper group rate.

Once we are registered we will have to sort out transportation! Watch for details! Maybe start socking away a few dollars a month to save up to go!

Can't wait, should be lots of fun!

In Christ, Matthew