We absolutely love our Sevenoaks Kids team who serve our children and their families so faithfully! We are a family and so we cheerfully get to serve oneanother and invest in the lives of kids together!  How awesome is that? 

Sevenoaks Kids is a safe and fun place for kids to learn about God each weekend because of our committed and trained volunteers. 

We follow the Safety & Risk Management Guidelines of the Christian & Missionary Alliance (including Criminal Record Checks) to help ensure a safe & protective environment as possible for your children.  

Six-month church attendance is required prior to beginning the application process   

If you are interested in serving in our children ministries, please contact Pastor Renee Carter.



  • serve once a month as a classroom leader for K/Gr1, Gr2/3, Gr 4/5 Boys, Gr4/5 Girls
  • serve once a month as a classroom assistant for K/Gr1, Gr2/3, Gr4/5 Boys, Gr 4/5 Girls
  • Be a teacher or helper for Preschool Class (3&4 yrs.) on Sundays once a month 
  • Serving in the Nursery (3months-2yrs) on Sundays once a month 
  • "On Call” One on One assistants for children who need supportive care in the classroom on Sundays
  • Signing kids in at Sevenoaks Kids Welcome Desk on Sundays once a month
  • Helping  at our monthly Friday Night Kids Club for grade 4 & 5 Students